Hello There! (:

You might know me as simplelovexx on Witty, or SimpleLayouts. This site is for the requests, but you still have to request on my layout Witty page:
You will see some examples of my layouts (that are located here as well) along with my request form on that page. If you're new to layouts, there's a section (also) on my page, so you don't get confused.
I hope you all like my layouts; and if you're here to grab your code, go to the Pick Up Page and find your Witty name. Thank you for requesting!
You guys are all amazing! 8) Oh and by the way, I live in Hong Kong (HK time is faster) so I might not get to your request, seeing as I may be sleeping.. or something. :P

-andrea x


Monday, August 31:
haha sorry just had to say that.
sorry for all the delays.. if you're reading this and you want to request, make sure you know that i won't get to it quick. it will take a while. it could take a day, or a month. i don't know. sorry! idk if you actually care but yeah :P

Saturday, August 15:
thanks to Sian (GlitterRush/GlitterArt) for a few ideas, and sksx9 for inspiration, THERE ARE NOW "New Generation Layouts"! sorry, it's such a gay name XD but yeah. i can't explain exactly WHAT they are, but if i could try.. it's sort of like an everyday page or display that i've turned into a layout. like sksx9's layout, which is a screenshot of her computer turned into a layout. i'm working on many, like Newspapers, iTunes, Bulletin Boards.. etc. but school is starting soon and i won't have much time. when school starts it will take me days to finish a layout. sorry. but yeah, anyway, NEW LAYOUTS COMING SOON! (:

Wednesday, August 12:
i've been a little busy, haha having fun.. :P so sorry for everyone who requested and has waited so long. i felt so bad when i realized a couple of you actually asked if i've gotten your request. SORRY! ): request away, and sorry if i take too long.

Wednesday, August 5:
BOO! GUESS WHAT?! i now make larger layouts! they include a plain (non blended picture) as the background, and a harder to create picture inside the layout. there's only one box, but you can (or i can help you) put the title of the boxes names. (which are of course, changeable <-- if that's a word haha) but yeah.. (god i say that too much XD) so yeah, REQUEST AWAY! :D thank you to everyone who compliments me or requests. sure, it takes up some time, and sure, i may not have a life anymore but it's nice to be appreciated. even on the internet :P
-andrea x

Thursday, July 30:

YAY! HAHA i finally figured out how to make scroll boxes different sizes. (yes, i didn't know this before, i'm not very experienced in coding yet) but yeah, so you can request status/mood boxes! or also request different sized boxes for different things.
-andrea x
^^ made by me (: